The OIT Program gave us peace of mind that our boys may inadvertently ingest peanut but not have a severe reaction. During the Halloween season, we used to worry that cross contamination between candy can still affect them, but not anymore. The escalation program was well designed and provided clear instructions regarding side effects and expected outcomes. The resource provided with by a 24/7 hotline to call for any questions is invaluable. Most of all, a shout out to Leigh Ann Schmidt for being very patient with all of our concerns. The staff at PVMG make visiting the doctor’s clinic fun for my kids.

Salve, Mom of Tyler and Elijah

My daily life has improved immensely since starting OIT. I used to be weighed down by a lot of anxiety surrounding my allergies and fears of going into anaphylactic shock. Ever since I began OIT, my anxiety has subsided. As I started to expose myself to my allergens by consuming small doses of them at a time by choice, I was able to not only desensitize my body physically to my allergen, but also mentally. Knowing that what I was doing was strengthening my body and giving me a greater capacity to handle the allergen, I felt more at peace. I have seen a lot of this freedom expressed in being able to travel, dine at new restaurants, or try new desserts without fears that I may break out in hives and experience shortness of breath. I really appreciate the ways in which PVMG conducts OIT treatment because it feels very safe and productive. I come in every two weeks and up-dose under the supervision of the nurses; and as I go home and stay on maintenance until my next appointment, Nurse Leigh Ann is always on-hand through call or text if I run into problems. One of the best life changing experiences I have had since participating in OIT has been not reacting to accidental consumptions of my allergens. For instance, there was one time where I was traveling with my friends, and we went to the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco. I accidentally ordered and ate a crab roll which had almonds in it. Thankfully, I could feel the texture of the nut and recognized it before I had eaten too much of it. I did not end up reacting at all, but I know for sure if I had not done OIT, I would have.

Jillian, OIT Patient

Our family could never say enough wonderful things about Leigh Ann! She was our angel when our boy started with PVMD at just 18-months and it felt almost impossible to get a blood draw. We have moved over to the Allergy Trial Side with her and my now 4-year old who was severely allergic to peanuts and eggs to name just two things happily eats both with now issues. Don’t hesitate and make the switch to this amazing group. You will not regret it!

Caitlin, Mom of Benson

We hope that he will have less fear of cross contamination in food when we eat out. My son and I both feel well care for with Leigh Ann. She addresses our concerns and is available to answer questions day and night. She is awesome!

David, Dad of Ryan